How to Sync GMail Contacts to an iOS Device

Posted by Mayank on February 27, 2012 in GMail,Mac

You can sync your GMail contacts with your Address Book and. If syncing with Google Contacts is turned on when you add an iCloud account, the syncing option is turned off. It’s recommended to keep it turned off while you’re using the iCloud Contacts service.


  • Choose Address Book > Preferences, click Accounts, choose On My Mac in your list of accounts, and then click Account Information.
  • Select the “Synchronize with Google” checkbox.
  • Read the advisory information and then click Agree to continue.
  • Enter your Google account name (such as or, for Google Apps customers, and password, and then click OK.
    • You can sync only one Google account.
    • When the account name and password you entered are confirmed, the dialog disappears. You can close Address Book preferences now if you want. Contacts will be synced automatically at a regular interval.

If you change your Google account name or password, click Configure to use the new account name or password to sync your contact information. If numerous changes are detected during syncing, an alert is displayed; you can choose to continue or cancel the sync.

Now when you sync any iOS device like iPhone or iPad with your Mac – your GMail contacts will get synced automatically.

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