How to Sync Selected Google Drive Folders on a Computer

Posted by Prashant on April 24, 2012 in Google,How To

With Google Drive all your docs, presentations and other stuff will be available on different devices like your Home computer, your office computer, your mobile phone and tablet.  All your stuff will be synced automatically and will be available on all devices. But what if you don’t want everything on your Office computer, lets say your party pics which you want to remain in all other personal devices except your Office computer. Follow the below steps to sync only the selected folder on a computer.

How to Sync Selected Google Drive Folders on a Computer?

Lets assume, you have 2 folders under your Google Drive i.e ‘Home Stuff‘ and ‘Office Stuff‘ and you have  installed and configured Google drive on you home PC & office computer. So now all your files will be available on both these computers. Below there are 2 views , one is from the Google Drive on web and another Google Drive installed on a computer.

My Drive on Web


Now to have only Folder with name ‘Office Stuff’ on your Office Computer, right click on Google Drive icon on the right corner of Windows Taskbar and click ‘Preferences‘.  Under Sync Options, firstly click  ‘ Only sync some folders to this computer‘ and then select the drives that you want to remain available on your Office computer.

Apply the changes and as soon as the sync finishes, go to your Google Drive and you will only see the folders that you choose to be available on this computer. Rest of your stuff remain available on Google Drive on Web and other devices.

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  • Noli says:

    True. But then the only reason you wouldn’t want to sync a home folder is if you were worried by what was on it and that a colleague could access it. In which case any colleague could still go to your options, sync your home folder, and then have access to it.

    You need password protection of chosen folders as per sugarsync. Your solution works but is very basic / misses the point.