How to Track & Send message to iPhone/iPad from iCloud?

Posted by Prashant on November 4, 2011 in Apple,How To,iPhone

Apple recently released iOS5 for iOS devices like iPhone,iPad and iPod and has also integrated it with iCloud, a cloud computing solution provided by Apple to store all your data in one place which is made avaialable on all your iOS devices. Besides backing up your data, you can track and perform few operation on your iOS device too. For e.g. If you forgot where you left your iPad or iPhone , you can simply use iCloud to find its location and If you’re afraid that your iOS device is stolen then you can wipe all its data remotely using iCloud. Below are the steps to configure these settings

Step1: Enable Find My device option on iOS5 device

Considering you have upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS5   and enabled iCloud for your iOS5 device, go to Settings > iCloud and Switch ON “Find my iPad” or “Find my iPhone” option depending on your device type.

Step2: Tracking the device from iCloud

Now go to and log in with your Apple Id. This Apple id should be same as configured on your iOS5 device. Now Click on “Find my Iphone” option on the home screen of iCloud. As soon you click it, iCloud will start tracking you iOS5 device and will soon show its location on Google maps.


Step3: Sending Message from iCloud

Once you iPad/iPhone is located, you can click on ‘Send Message’ button and then compose a brief message and hit ‘Send’. By default message is sent with a sound which can be disabled while sending the message.



Step4: Receiving Message on iOS device

Message sent from iCloud in above step will be sent a notification to the iOS device and will appear on device screen. It will also continue to play the sound until user clicks ‘OK’ on the message.

receiving message on iPad

Locking the iOS device

User can also lock the iOS device from iCloud. If any passcode is set for the device, iOS device will have to enter the password to access the device.

Wiping the data

User can also wipe out all the data on the device in case of any theft.
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