How to Tune Your Android Phone

Irrespective of whether you’re using your Android phone or not, apps will continue to run in the background, using your device’s memory and battery life. You have to be a vigilant phone user to be at the top of this. However, this is a tedious task as you’ll have to make sure that you close the app properly after use.

There is an application, which you can make use of – Power Tune-Up

Bitdefender’s Power Tune-Up puts control back in your hands. You can optimize your Android device for maximum performance, battery economy, and controlled data traffic.

Features of Power Tune-Up

Battery Saver
One tap to save precious battery life by switching on the Battery Saver or create your own custom profile for extra control. No more deep diving in individual settings. You have it all in one screen to save time!

Battery Management
View and stop the processes that impact CPU and RAM, know available talk or standby time.

Device Clean-up
Gain extra storage by removing unnecessary cache and temporary files from your device’s internal storage, as well as from external memory cards.

3G Traffic Monitoring
Make sure you don’t get overcharged by carefully monitoring 3G data usage, setting up thresholds, and receiving notifications when limits are reached.

Battery Widget
Install the Power Tune-Up widget to keep an eye on the remaining battery time.

Here is a video on the same:

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