How to Watch YouTube on a PSP

Posted by Mayank on July 13, 2012 in Youtube

Hugely popular console from Sony – PSP can not only play hundreds of games, movies, and access Internet radio, but also gives you the ability to watch YouTube videos. Watching YouTube on PSP will eliminate the need to find another device or computer when you feel the need to watch YouTube.

To watch YouTube on a PSP, you need to download and install a program called PSPTube. PSPTube is a third-party application used to watch online videos from websites such as YouTube.

PSPTube is a homebrew app made by SofiyaCat and it lets you to watch YouTube videos online. You can also watch .flv files without any need to convert them before watching. There are two versions of PSPTube. The normal one and the modified one. Modified ones has more channels and that is the one we will be using for this demo.

Requirements to Watch YouTube on a PSP

  • PSP with firmware 3.0 or later

Step 1

Go to PSPTube and download it to your computer.

Step 2

Extract the files to your PSP “storage space” and you will see three folders named “100”, “150”, AND “200Over.”

Step 3

Click the name “200Over” and rename it “PSPTube.” Next, drag the “PSPTube” folder and drop it in the “Game” folder.

Step 4

Turn “OFF” your PSP console then turn it on. Start it in “recovery mode” by holding the “R” key while is starting. Set the “Game” folder to “Kernel3.”

Step 5

Navigate to “Network Settings” and create a new network if you don’t already have one. Enable Wi-Fi and navigate to the “Game” folder then launch “PSPTube.” Confirm that the connection made is active. You can now start search and enjoy videos.

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