Is Someone else accessing your Facebook Account?

Posted by Prashant on November 6, 2011 in Facebook,Social Networking


With more than 700million users and 500million+ active users, Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest and most used social networking site in today’s world. Most of active users check their Facebook updates 2-3 times in a day, update their statuses, play games, share photos and even listen to music on Facebook. With multiple operating system, and mobile devices supporting Facebook, you may check your Facebook on desktop, tablet, mobile device etc. but do you really track your account activity that whether it is you or some else who is accessing your account. In recent past there were many security breaches and account hacking reports submitted to Facebook.

If you want to make sure that no one else is accessing your account and it’s secure, you can use security features of Facebook which allows you to track your recent Facebook account access. Facebook also records your active sessions and each entry includes these details

  • Date and Time you signed into Facebook
  • Approximate Location when signing in
  • Type of Device used to log in

To monitor your active session, Go to Facebook > Account Settings and Click on ‘Security‘ tab. Now click on ‘Edit‘ option next to ‘Active Sessions‘ section.

facebook active sessions

There is also an option to end activity of any session that is not yet ended and is open. Facebook states that there are multiple reason that you might see a session as active. Firstly, Facebook admits that sometimes this could be due inaccurate information recorded by Facebook.

Secondly, you might have forgotten to logoff from another location for e.g. when you accessed Facebook from your friend’s device and you forgot to sign out from Facebook. You can simply click ‘End Activity’ to end that particular session.

Thirdly and most important, if you notice that details shown about the date/time or location of last access in unknown to you then your account might have been hacked or someone else is accessing your Facebook account.

In that case, you should immediately end the activity of that session and change your Facebook password. You should also make sure that password you choose is strong and you can follow these guidelines to make your password uncrackable.
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