Laptop Tracking Software

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Your laptop is valuable. Value of laptop is not the price at which it was bought, but it is the value of the data it holds – countless photos, financial records, software, music, videos, etc. Imagine if your laptop gets stolen – loss can be immense.

FBI estimates that 1 in 10 laptops purchased today will be stolen within the next 12 months. Sadly, only 3% will be returned.

Laptop tracking software can help you prevent your laptop from getting stolen or from getting stolen.

Laptop tracking software makes use one of several different options or a combination of those to recover a stolen laptop or track a stolen laptop. From common laptop trackers like IP address locations, Wi-Fi positioning etc to uncommon laptop trackers like remotely switching on the laptop’s webcam, locate laptop software use a variety of features.

Laptop Tracking Software

Some of the best laptop tracking software are mentioned below:


ActiveTrak’s GadgetTrak uses Wi-Fi positioning to locate your laptop within about 10-20 feet and lets you switch on your laptop’s webcam remotely to capture the captor’s photo. GadgetTrak software is tamper proof and it can only be deactivated from the GadgetTrak website. GadgetTrak works with both Mac and Windows and costs $19 per year.


Hidden is a Mac application. When your Mac is lost or stolen, Hidden will show you where it is and who has it by tracking its location, taking photos using the built-in iSight camera and collecting screenshots of the computer in use.Take pictures of the thief with the built in iSight so you know what they look like. Hidden app costs $15 per year.

LoJack for laptops

LoJack for laptops works with both Mac and Widnows and gives you the power to remotely locate, lock and delete the data on your computer before it falls into the wrong hands. LoJack for Laptops has a dedicated Theft Recovery Team that works with local law enforcement to recover your stolen laptop and return it to you. LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software costs $40 per year.


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