Larger & Faster photos on Facebook [New Feature]

Posted by Prashant on August 28, 2011 in Facebook,Social Networking

new features icon

Facebook has added new features to its photos i.e. now users will be able to post larger photos and photos will load twice as fast. Facebook on its blog stated that over 250 millions photos are uploaded daily on Facebook which makes photo sharing very popular activity on Facebook. To improve the user experience these new updates have been made to photos on Facebook.

1. Larger Photos on Facebook : Not only user will be able to post bigger photos but also the existing uploaded photos will appear larger.

2. Twice faster load time : Loading time for photos always take more time than text and adding this new update to photos will encourage more users to share and comments on photos.

3. More focus on Photos: Whenever a user will view a photo in photo viewer, the photo will be highlighted and other area around the photo will have a white background. This feature help a user to concentrate totally on photos and his/her attention isn’t directed to the surrounding frames.

After launch of Google Plus, Facebook has been launching new features & updates ¬†quite frequently. Although Google Plus gained large number of users in few days but still there isn’t much user activity on Google Plus. To avoid its users to switch to Google Plus, Facebook is doing whatever it takes. We as users are the one who will gain from this competition of internet giants.

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