How to Merge an Audio File with a Still Image on Mac

Posted by Mayank on October 7, 2012 in Mac,Youtube

If you want to create a video file out of an audio file and a still image on Mac – this post is for you. Many people have audio files or MP3 files and they want to upload it to YouTube by using the MP3 file in conjunction with the still image to create a video. If you’re a Mac user, you can make use of QuickTime Pro to do so.

You need to make sure that you have QuickTime Player Pro installed as Mac comes with preinstalled QuickTime Player and not QuickTime Pro. To install QuickTime Pro, you need to install QuickTime 7 from the Apple Store and purchase the license for QuickTime Pro. If you’re interested in QuickTime Pro, learn how to install QuickTime Pro. Further details are also available here.

How to Merge an Audio File with a Still Image on Mac

Adding a still image to an audio track is easy with QuickTime Player Pro:

  1. Launch QuickTime Pro
  2. Open the audio file with QuickTime Pro
  3. Open the image file with QuickTime Pro
  4. Go to Edit -> Select All (Command-a) and Copy (Command-c)
  5. Switch to the audio track
  6. Go to Edit -> Select All (Command-a) and “Add to Selection & Scale”
  7. Save As and give the file a new name.

The file saved will be in .mov format and you can use the QuickTime Player to play the same. You can also upload the same movie (in the same format) to YouTube and use it at any other location you would like to

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