Movie Player + Add Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects

Posted by Mayank on November 7, 2013 in Review

It has been a long time that I downloaded an app on my iPhone. My kid has been the sole reason for mindless download of millions of apps from the iTunes Store leading to an unmanageable collection of apps. Luckily his interest stated to wane and over a period of time, I was able to cut down the apps which we do not need.

Then this weekend, I recorded a few videos only to find that I don’t have a good video editor. I downloaded a few video apps and this one caught my attention – Movie Player + Add Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects. I liked the app so much that I decided to write about it.

Movie Player + Add Real Time Video Filters and Special Effects Review

Created by Power App GmbH, Video Player + allows you to watch your favorite movies with stunning real-time effects like cartoon, old-photo, night vision effect and much more. This app differs from most of the other video editing apps out there just because of the basic fact that it allows you to edit real time videos – ever heard that before?

It allows you to edit movies on your iOS device or videos shot by your iOS camera or via File Sharing or via Dropbox. Once you select a video, it starts to play. You can flip it vertically or horizontally or make it full screen size. Then you have several filters available, which you can apply to the video sections. The app makes a copy of the video just in case you do not like your final design and would like to go back to the original.


video +

Features of Movie Player + include: 
* Save the videos with effects!
* 3 different full modes
* OTBCC (One Touch Brightness and Contrast Control): Touch screen for 2 seconds to adjust brightness and contrast
* Watch the Movie in 3D (Red Cyan Glasses needed)
* Download Movie direct
* Watch Movies online
* Store and replay movies with your effects applied
* Gray scale filter (watch the movie in black and white)
* Watch a movie in sepia (give it the look of a 60 year old photo)
* Soften colors
* Give it a retro look
* Add vignettes to the pictures
* Adjust contrast
* Cartoon FX (pseudo rotoscopic filter)
* Pixelation filter
* HUD (Heads Up Display) to watch the movie on a mirrored surface, such as a car windshield

Movie Player + is one of the world’s most amazing movie player and editor. It stands out tall amongst the hundreds of video editing and sharing apps. The app includes eight artistic filters: black & white; sepia/vignette; soft colors; amatorka; CRT green; pixelated; cartoon; and outline. You should get one today.

* iPhone 3GS and above, iPod touch 3rd gen and above, iPad
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* 8.4 MB

Price: $0.99

Download: Movie Player +

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