Multiple Sign-in and new preferences for Gmail Mobile [How To]

Posted by Prashant on September 24, 2011 in GMail

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Google recently updated the version of its email service Gmail. Now users who access Gmail from mobile will be able to log in using multiple sign-in. Besides this now you can also create mobile signature for Gmail & can set your vacation auto responder.

How to enable Multiple Sign-in for Gmail Mobile

Multiple Sign-in feature in Gmail allows any user to log into 2 different accounts using the same browser. Earlier this feature was enabled for web version of Gmail and now its added to mobile version of Gmail too. To use multiple sign-in feature scroll down your thread list and click on account switcher and then “Sign into an another account”. After doing this, you’ll be able to switch accounts easily using Accounts menu.

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Mobile Specific Signature

One good feature in new mobile version of Gmail is that it lets you create a separate signature. So whenever you send an email using your mobile, receiver of email will know that email was sent from mobile. As per Gmail team, it will help others to overlook any typing error which usually occurs when someone type email using mobile. To enable this , go to settings and enter the new signature. Once done you can activate it for your mobile.

Auto Vacation Responder

If you forgot to set up an auto vacation responder before leaving for your vacation. No worries! You can do that using your mobile. Gmail for mobile has a new interface for vacation responder where you can specify the start and end date of your vacation.

vacation responder

If you any doubts, leave your questions in the comment section below.

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