Minecraft Creeper Backpack

minecraft creeper backpack
This is for all the Minecraft lovers out there – Minecraft Creeper Backpack. This is certainly a bestseller and will be sold out soon as the back to school purchases start to tick in. The Creeper ate my homework! Minecraft is addictive, and as such it already eats kids’ homework by distracting them for hours. But now kids can claim the Creeper ate their homework for real as they open up this backpack to reveal their books, assignments

Stress Reliever – Infectious Disease Balls

stress relieving balls
Stress is a killer and people deal with stress in different ways. Some prefer to smoke it out, some cuss words and some hit hard nearby things. You may also remember the yellow ball with a smiley face, which is found in most of the office desks. People squeeze it time and time again for relieving stress. I’m not sure if those have helped anyone in any way, but I’ve found a new product, which not only relieves stress, but makes the sit

A Stylus Which is Also a Fashion Bracelet

stylus which is also a fashion bracelet
Steve Jobs was not a big fan of stylus and believed that human fingers are the best stylus. However, with the explosion in the usage of tablets and smartphones has given rise to a lot of apps, which work best with a stylus. There are a lot of great stylus out there and one, which stands out from the crowd is the Slap Stylus, which also works as a fashion bracelet. Mobile accessory make Chil has created a stylus that doesn’t have to live in

How to Easily Share Data Between OS X and iOS

share files between Mac and iPhone or iPad
There are plenty of ways to sync or share files from your iPhone or iPad over to Mac, but each of such approach works with just one type of data. DeskConnect aims to solve that problem and does a great job at the same. All you need to do is download and install DeskConnect for Mac and on iOS devices and create your free account. This will let you share photos, documents, contacts, web pages and clip board contents between the two platforms. Once

PowerShare Reactor 5.1 Review

powershare reactor 5.1 review
Every household now a days has numerous smart phone and tablets and numerous charging accessories. It is time that a universal solution solves the problem. While such a universal solution looks far away in the future, there is a solution in the market right now, which partially solves this problem and is a great product. PowerShare Reactor 5.1 is a multi-device charging station for your smartphones and tablets. The PowerShare Reactor multicharger

How to Stop Mozilla Firefox from Asking to Remember Password

I updated to newer versions of Mozilla Firefox and started to see this annoying problem – it will keep pestering me to save password. While there are a few sites I may be okay to save passwords, but for most of the sites and security breaches of all kinds happening every single day – I have to be careful with my passwords. I read this somewhere and liked it a lot: “The only strong password is one which you can not remember”

How to Send Bounce or Return Notifications to Spammers

Spammers do not care whether you want to receive their email or not. Despite the fact that there are laws to protect individual’s online privacy, but these spammers care the least. They might have secured an email list, which unfortunately has your email list and they just keep spamming it. GMail does a good job of blocking them, but many of them do slip by because they’re paying a bit more attention. There is a way to trick such spa

How to Turn on Windows Defender and Avoid Error 577

Microsoft Windows computers gave birth to the entire industry of antivirus, antispyware, internet security and what not. Then Microsoft started providing Windows Defender, which is a free software that provides an extra line of defense against spyware and malicious software. Windows Defender scans the computer’s hard drive to search for and remove a range of security threats, including spyware, viruses and malicious software — also k

How to Add Emoticons in iPhone

Ever felt jealous that Android users can include emoticons in text messages and you being an iPhone user are not able to? It is time to stop being jealous and understanding your iPhone better than you’ve known all along. iPhone comes equipped with hundreds of hidden features and one of such hidden feature is the ability to add emoticons. Once you enable emoticons – you enable it in the keyboard, which gives you access to hundreds of e

Free Way to Forever Stop Annoying Calls and Emails from Telemarketers

FTC or the Federal Trade Commission Challenges threw a challenge of $50,000 cash prize for the best technical and innovative solution that will block illegal commercial robocalls on landlines and mobile phones. Known as the FTC Robocall Challenge, this challenge was a part of its ongoing campaign against these illegal, prerecorded telemarketing calls. A commercial robocall is a telephone call that delivers a recorded sales message. These calls o

How to Get Read Receipt for GMail

What is Read Receipt? A read receipt is an email notification delivered when a recipient opens (and presumably reads) an email you send. The receipt confirms that the recipient saw your message and records the time. Why Do You Need Read Receipt? Even though read receipts do nothing but add more information to your already overflowing mailbox, but there are several reasons why you may need a read receipt. Read receipts may be needed in cases when

How to Remove Pre-Installed Junk Apps in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a lot of pre-installed – most of which you may not even use in the lifespan of that computer. What is the use of having such apps in your computer, which you will never use. You get apps Reading List, Sound Recorder, Health & Fitness or Alarm and much more. Many of these apps won’t be useful for you. For example – XBOX apps are of no use to you if you’re a Playstation user. While this may be useful

How to Disable Auto-Play of Facebook Videos

If you have not realized it yet – videos start playing automatically in Facebook (in mute). Apart from this Facebook recently introduced auto-playing video ads on desktop and mobile. Disabling the auto play of videos on Facebook when using a desktop or a computer is easy. Logon to Facebook, head to the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and go to Settings -> Videos. You can also click here to go straight there. Next to the Au

How to Save your iPhone Battery from Facebook App Battery Drain

Sometimes the solution to your problem lies in what seems obvious. Your iPhone battery drains out pretty quickly and you know the obvious reason – you use the Facebook app a lot. But what may not know if that there is a way to reduce the battery drain caused by the Facebook app and make your iPhone battery last longer. Having previously been pinpointed as a drain by German iOS app developer Sebastian Düvel, now former Apple Genius Bar empl