Pixelmator Review

Pixelmator is a Mac app image editing app, which created a lot of user buzz. I never got to buy the full blown image editing software, Photoshop because of it’s steep price. Instead I use a lot of free image editing software and a few paid ones like Photoshop Elements, Skitch, Picnik, GIMP, Jing, and of course Pixelmator. Here is my Pixelmator review.

Pixelmator is available at: Mac Store

Pixelmator Review

At the onset, you’ll feel that Pixelmator has been made by Apple. Here’s a picture of the welcome screen:


However, there are a few screens, which will make you nervous like the create new document. Take my suggestion – you just need to know a few things and just ignore the rest of the bunch.


The Image Editing Experience

Familiar tools such as the rectangle and lasso selection tool are here as well, as more advanced options such as Gradient Tool and Paint Bucket are also present. Pixelmator includes touchup tools such as Blur, which softens portions of the image. Working in tandem with different brush sizes, you can get really creative with your work. Magic Wand can let you quickly remove portions of the image or transform them to another image. Clone is decent enough feature for touch ups.

Pixelmator includes the standard brushes, text editor, and colorization tools that you’ll find with other image editors, and, like Photoshop Elements, it supports layers. There are also tons of visual filters for quickly adding a special touch to photos such as Motion Blur (which adds speed lines), and Pixelate (which gives photos the 8-bit computer/video game graphics look).

Adding effects in Pixelmator, for the most part, was as simple as setting effect intensity and applying it to the image, but more skillful edits, such as layering, required multiple steps and may demand that novices seek instruction.

Pixelmator supports graphics tablets, and is compatible with JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, and other files.

Pixelmator lets you share your images through email or iPhoto or Aperture, or upload to Flickr, Facebook, and Picasa.



You can consider Pixelmator as a lite version of Photoshop. It lets you edit images for hundreds of dollars less than Photoshop CS5. Since Pixelmator is more powerful than Picnik or Picasa etc, it will take a bit of learning before you get used to it. Having said that, it’s one of the best photo apps you’ll find on your Mac outside of Adobe suite. Give it a try – it is available in the Mac Store.

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