Review: Qlazzy Helps Your Learn Quick and Improve Your Learning Speed

Qlazzy(Alpha), co-founded by Rajan Chandi is an effort towards building the World’s best lesson library that makes it easy to find and learn new things. It is the creative commons lesson library combined with the best tools to learn them. Qlazzy focuses on speed learning which is improved by the use of revision lists and flash cards.


As soon as you visit Qlazzy website, you can start learning by searching for subjects, lessons and people in the top search bar. Results will be shown and you choose one of those to get started. Result would most likely be a Video Lesson by one of the best institutions in learning which includes ‘KhanAcademy’, ‘StanfordUniversity’, ‘HarvardUniversity’, ‘YaleUniversity’ etc. While you are going through the lesson, you can add ‘Flip Cards’ very easily which will help you in revising and memorizing the topic. You also have option to follow the lesson.

Signup: To get the most out of Qlazzy you can sign up very easily using their sign up form. This will help you in creating your own lessons and take advantage of many other features.

Inbuilt Search: With the help of inbuilt search, you can very easily search for lesson by ‘lesson name’ or by ‘author name’. Search is intelligent enough to show you the matching results as soon as you start typing the search field.


Social Sharing: If you want to share the lesson with your friends, you can use the ‘tweet’ button to send it to your followers on Twitter. I wish that team would have added more options of social sharing like Facebook, emailing etc.

Easy to create and use Flash Cards: Author can add flash cards to the lesson which will help in doing revision. As a user, you can also add you own flash cards for each lesson. In general, use of flash cards always helps in increasing retention and improving learning speed.


Activity Feed: Qlazzy will also show your activity feed which you can use to get a latest update of your connections on Qlazzy. As a student you can follow a lesson, check what new lessons a teacher has added. Likewise a teacher can also monitor the activity of a student. Students can follow each others too.

Revision Lists: Spaced repetition is best way learn new concepts. Revision list is created based on lessons being learned and permission from the learner. It is easy to keep track and revise the lessons. In future Qlazzy will be able to  send reminders to learners to ensure success.


Create you own lessons: Besides learning from lessons posted by others, you can very easily create your own lessons and then start sharing it with others.

Add Media to your Lessons: You can add photos or videos from various online sources like YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo etc. Rich Text Editor makes it very simple to embed external links.


Text to Speech: You can also listen to the text lessons, using text to speech feature. Simply select the text and it will be automatically converted into speech.

Open Lesson Library: Qlazzy has a big list of open lesson which are available for free for everyone. Lessons are never monetized and credit is given to the actual source. So even if you don’t want to signup , you can view the lessons in the open library.

Predefined courses: Qlazzy has compiled few courses that include a big list of lessons related to that course. Some of the courses that are currently available are ‘iPhone App Development’, ‘Entrepreneurship’, ‘Intro to Robotics’, ‘Astronomy’ etc and many more. You can open the course and select a lesson to get started. Currently there isn’t any option to follow a course.



Get more out of Qlazzy when using Premium: All the above features are available in the free version of Qlazzy but if you want to get more out of it, you can opt for premium version which will cost $20/ year.


Qlazzy is a great tool for everyone who wants to learn anything and with nice features like revision lists and flash cards, it will surely increase your learning speed.

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