Samsung Phone Keeps Turning Off

Posted by Mayank on August 9, 2012 in Android,How To

A few Samsung Galaxy S II and also Samsung smartphone owners face this issue of their Samsung shutting down. One of our reader, Matt K. has this question

"My Samsung keeps turning off.
It cannot be booted until I remove and replace the battery.
What can I do to avoid my Samsung Galaxy S II shutting off."

It is really tricky to find out what’s going wrong. Many a times, there’s an app that has been installed and is messing with the power setup. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single solution for all the Samsung phone owners. However, there are a few diagnostic steps, which you can employ to zero-in to the real cause.

To stop your Samsung phone turning off, you can try a factory reset – Try a factory reset – it will delete your apps and data so make sure you’ve backed up what you need.

To reset your Samsung phone to factory settings, go to home screen and

Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory Data Reset.

If your Android phone shut down continues, you can install an app from Google Play: Smart Care from Samsung SERI Lab.

Samsung Smart Care is a quick and easy way of checking the set up on your Samsung Android smartphone.

This application (formally known as Diagnostics), provided by Samsung, gives you a really useful set of troubleshooting tools.

The application actively checks all the settings on your phone and will help you find and fix any issues without the need to look at all the setting menus, or contact the Customer Support helpdesk!

The SmartCare software will highlight any unusual settings and put control back into your hands.


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