Posted by Prashant on August 4, 2011 in Infographics

Google Plus users are increasing at a very high pace and we are adding more and more people in our circles. Google Plus is far better than Facebook in terms of privacy and sharing control but still we need to make sure that we have done a thorough analysis of your privacy settings. Below is a nice infographics explaining the need of configuring privacy in Google Plus. Read More...


Posted by Prashant on July 7, 2011 in Featured,Social Networking

Recently one of my friend introduced me to one of his friends who had similar interests as mine. At the time of leaving she asked me my Facebook username so that she can add me as  a friend. We also exchanged our twitter handle so that we can follow each other.  After she was gone,  I was wondering that gone are the days when people used to ask for phone numbers to get in touch and now new way of interaction is social networking sites. But theRead More...