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Posted by Mayank on September 4, 2012 in How To,Mac

Size of photos or images is increasing day by day. Cameras now-a-days support huge resolution and every new camera launch packs in more and more pixels (resolution) for the same price. Almost all the mobile devices support a camera. What is you get is lots and lots of images and you need to deal with their ever increasing size. Though storage costs now-a-days are dirt cheap, but still file size does matter when it comes to sharing and moving fileRead More...


Posted by Mayank on September 1, 2012 in Mac

Do you want to compare files on Mac? There are several Mac apps you can use for the purpose and also several websites available, which can do the file comparison. The only drawback with file comparison using websites is that you need to paste the content and many a times there is a limit on the content you can paste and compare. This makes the task tedious and time taking. For Mac users, we’ve found an excellent app, which you can use to coRead More...