Posted by Prashant on September 11, 2011 in How To,Social Networking

Twitter has 100 million monthly active users and 50 million daily active users which makes it really powerful microblogging platform. Though few people have predicted that rise of Google Plus is fall of Twitter and Linkedin but there will be long wait before we could see something like this to happen. So we know that Twitter is still here and growing at a faster pace and its top followed users like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber are getting more followRead More...


Posted by Prashant on July 8, 2011 in Infographics

“Welcome to the world of Twitter’s Lazywebs” Ok. We know that you understood everything in the above statement except ‘Lazywebs’.  Before you look below to see this infographics, let me tell you what it is, as it’s  explained by designer of this infographics “Column Five” and “InboxQ”. “The term lazyweb has been used to describe the act of outsourcing questions to people online,Read More...


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Recently one of my friend introduced me to one of his friends who had similar interests as mine. At the time of leaving she asked me my Facebook username so that she can add me as  a friend. We also exchanged our twitter handle so that we can follow each other.  After she was gone,  I was wondering that gone are the days when people used to ask for phone numbers to get in touch and now new way of interaction is social networking sites. But theRead More...


Posted by Diya on June 9, 2011 in Social Networking

Twitter has launched automatic link shortening service for You just need to paste any link of any length on tweet box on and after composing your tweet when you hit enter, twitter will automatically shorten the link so that it takes up 19 characters. Original link will take a shortened version similar to ‘ linkID’ Better Security As per Twitter this new automatic URL shortening will help increase security Read More...

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