The Happy Sunflower Wall Lamp

happy sunflower wall lamp

It’s the little things in life that make the world seem a better place and help us looks forward to each and every day. There is one device, which won’t only light up your room but brighten it up as well. The device is the Happy Sunflower Wall Lamp.

The Happy Sunflower wall lamp not only features a glorious smiling face, but also stickers, so you can make it come alive in more ways than simply with a plug.

The idea is you discard the lamp to the nearest wall and then add the included stickers to build out the complete happy growing plant motif. You get a pot, leaves and petal stickers to bring the whole thing together. The lamp aspect is basically a giant smiling face that will let off a soft yellow glow. The included stickers is what makes it look so happy-go-lucky. The design for this is pretty adorable, as it was essentially thinking of a way to make the cord be a positive aspect of the lamp representing the stem of the flower rather than another dangling cable in your home.

happy sunflower wall lamp

You will have to make caution where you place this with and also, you’ll also want to make sure whoever puts it up has at least somewhat steady hands. Off-centered stickers are not going to improve the aesthetics of a room. You will need to mount the lamp, and make sure it is hanging above an outlet.


  • Happy Sunflower Wall Lamp with Wall Stickers
  • Cutie and Happy Face Lamp
  • Sunflower and Plant Pot Wall Sticker
  • Decorate the Electric Socket, Room and Wall
  • Lamp Plug Standard: E14
  • Lamp Diameter: 27.5 cm
  • Universal Power Supply
Rating: ★★★★☆ Sold via Amazon.

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