The XBOX One Media Remote is Awesome

Posted by Mayank on March 25, 2014 in Gadgets

If you thought remote controls were a thing of the past – XBOX One Media Remote might just change that perception. I bought myself the Xbox One Media remote and to tell you the truth, I was pleasantly surprised by the improved quality of my TV experience.

The remote works about the same as an Xbox One controller does. It has one four-way navigational pad, with a center button that functions more or less as the Xbox One’s “A” button. It has an Xbox button in the middle to turn the console on and go to the home screen, and lets you hit play, pause, turn up the volume, fast-forward, rewind, turn the volume up, change the channel, etc. It doesn’t have a number pad, so its functionality as a cable remote is limited, though you can still use it to navigate channels on cable TV.

Xbox One Media Remote Review

The media remote significantly enhances the experience of using the Xbox One as an entertainment hub. That’s for a few reasons:

  • You don’t have to turn it on. Just like most remote controls, is kind of just always on, so if you want to quickly pause or flip through channels without relying on Kinect, you can grab the media remote just like you would anything other remote.
  • It’s not a full universal remote, but it’s close.
  • It’s small and nicely made with a rubberized material that feels awfully nice in my hand
  • Controls are all backlit, and making it cool-looking and easy to read in a darkened room.

xbox one media controller review

‚ÄčThe Xbox One’s Media Remote is surprisingly great and it a testament of Microsoft’s ambition to occupy you home entertainment system.

One issue you might have is that the controller talks to the Xbox one and not to the Kinect. Also, the Xbox One’s “Xbox On” function is still tied to the TV’s on/off switch without giving another option just for “Xbox, TV on” or “Xbox, TV off.”

The media remote is $24.99. It should have been included with the already expensive Xbox One, but since it was not – you should not miss it for any reason because Xbox One media remote is what completes Xbox One.

Rating: ★★★★½

Where to Buy: Microsoft Store

xbox one media remote review


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