Use Gmail Meter to Send Monthly Report card of your Gmail Account

How many email you received last month, how many email you sent last 2 weeks, what time did you receive most of the email, who send most emails to you, to whom you send most of the emails, how many words due to usually type in an email, which is the top thread, how was you daily, weekly and monthly email traffic, what is your usual response time to an email etc. Answers to all these questions and many more and that too in a graphical format are provided by Gmail Meter and is a must have for everyone.

Gmail Meter is neither a software nor an app but just a simple tool developed by Google Apps Script developer Romain Vialard. This tool gathers all the data in figures from your Gmail account and then create the a graphical report of your email habits and sends it as an email to your Gmail account.

How to install GMail Meter?

Step 1 : Go to Google Docs and open a new spreadsheet

Step 2 : In the Spreadsheet , Go to Tools > Script Gallery. Search for ‘ Gmail Meter’ and click ‘Install’.

Step 3: Authorize the app and grant this app to access your Gmail account

Step 4: Once the app is installed, you will see a new Gmail Meter Menu for the spreadsheet. Click ‘Get a Report’

You can choose either ‘Monthly Report’ or ‘Custom Report’.  It will take some time to gather the data for the report type and once the report is prepared, you will get an email containing the report card of your Gmail account.

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