Use Google Maps to Read Wikipedia Articles

Posted by Prashant on August 28, 2012 in Google

Google Maps can be used to read Wikipedia articles about the places that you plan to visit.  Let’s say you are planning a trip to Los Angeles, CA and don’t know about the place where you are staying. Like most people, I believe firstly you will search on Google Maps and then Go to Wikipedia to know more about the nearby places. Yes we know there are smarter apps that can tell you more about tourist places around but they won’t give you a introduction about the place.

With Google Maps you don’t need to go to Wikipedia to read something about the nearby places. You just need to enable Wikipedia Feature in Google Maps and all the places listed on Wikipedia will start popping on your Google Maps screen.

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To enable Wikipedia option, Click on Satellite view icon on the top right corner of Google Maps and then from the drop down list, Select ‘Wikipedia’. As soon the option is selected, your Google Maps screen will be filled with ‘W’ icons (symbol for Wikipedia).

If you want to know about a place, just click on the ‘Wikipedia’ icon and then a brief introduction about the place will appear on your screen. ITo know more about the place, you can click on ‘Full Article’ and then you will be redirected to Original Article on Wikipedia.

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