View Google Image Search Results as Slideshow

Posted by Prashant on September 11, 2012 in Google

Google Image Search is no doubt good but when it comes to view those result images in original size, you need to click on each image individually and then go the target website to view the original image.  If you really want to enjoy these images in a hassle free manner , you can use this nice online tool to view results from Google Image search as Slideshow.

Google Image Search



GoogleImageSlideshow is a website which shows your Google Image search results as a Slideshow so that once you hit the search key, you can sit back , relax and just enjoy the show.

Google Image Search

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 More Filters under Advanced Tab

GoogleImageSlideshow has few nice features under Advanced Tab. Their are many filters which are same that you see on Google’s Image Search page, for e.g. Safe Search, Color, File Type, Image Type, Colorization etc. You can even search for images based on their copyrights.

Google Image Search

Once the slide show is ON, it will start showing the search results in a slideshow fashion. User is also allowed to change the speed of the slide show. Go ahead and try this feature right now.

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