Want To Be A Better Father? Here is an App for that !

Mr.Dad on Pregnancy’ is a trivia type game based on popular book ‘The Expectant Father’ by Armin Brott. Game includes more than 400+ questions which are chosen from the book and provides the player with valuable information about the pregnancy period and child care. These games is ideal for soon-to –be dads as they learn different aspects of pregnancy and gear themselves up with the knowledge that they need, to take good care of their pregnant partner and their baby.



Mr. Dad on Pregnancy Review

Mr.Dad on Pregnancy is available for free in iOS AppStore and first time users need to register before they start testing their knowledge.  To start a game, users can select their opponents which could either be a Facebook Friend, another user, or Mr. Dad himself. You can even challenge your partner for the game and add a little fun to the game.

After you select the opponent, you would need to choose the category. You get Sample pack of questions free but you can unlock 400+ questions by purchasing extra set of questions.  Next you will be shown a question and then given 4 choices for the answer. There is also a timer that keeps on running and faster you choose the right answer, higher score you will get.  Besides enhancing your knowledge with trivia question / answers, app also provides a brief description of the correct answer. I really liked this feature as it helps in understanding the real fact behind the right choice.

One round consists of 5 questions and total score is shown at the end with the summary of your choices. Now you have to wait for the opponent to play the game. Person who scores more wins the round. Remember the score is calculated based on correct answers and time taken to get to the right choice.

Easy to use and Nice Design: Mr. Dad on Pregnancy is very easy to use and has a very simple design. It will take only minutes to start playing your first game.

Mr.Dad_2 Mr.Dad_3Multiple Opponents: You can choose between multiple opponents like a friend who is experiencing pregnancy or play head-to-head game against Mr. Dad himself. I must tell you though, Mr.Dad is really good and chances are you’ll loose against him. Make sure you practice enough to beat him.

Enhance Knowledge about Pregnancy and Child Care: If you are not an avid book reader, then believe me this is the best way of enhancing your knowledge about the pregnancy. After few days, you will realize that you know a lot more then you knew earlier. Also you will no longer be worried about the myths regarding the pregnancy.

Expert advice by Armin Brott (Mr.Dad): Armin is author of eight bestselling books on fatherhood and has written for major publications including Newsweek, the New York Times Magazine, Men’s Health, Parenting Magazine, and Sports Illustrated, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including Today, Fox News, and Politically Incorrect. That’s why he is known as America’s Most-Trusted Dad.Mr.Dad_4

Have Fun while playing: Partners can challenge each other in this fun game and then test their knowledge.

400+ questions: If you’re really serious about going all out for your baby and partner, I would recommend you to buy the in-app purchase. Currently there are 3 packs available, ‘The Good Dad pack’, ‘The Super Dad Pack’, ‘The Bad-Ass Dad Pack’.

How to Download Mr. Dad on Pregnancy

You can download ‘Mr. Dad on Pregnancy’ directly from App Store or scan the below QRCode from your smart phone.



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