Wondering why Pinterest shows your old Facebook Profile Pic

Posted by Prashant on March 20, 2012 in Social Networking,Website


When you create a new account on Pinterest and link it with your Facebook Profile, it automatically picks your Profile photo from Facebook and shows it on your Pinterest Profile. But if in future, you changed your Facebook Profile pic, chances are that the new pic change won’t reflect on your Pinterest profile.

Ideally most of the applications are configured to do this automatically but somehow Pinterest isn’t able to do it. To address this issue, Pinterest have provided a separate option using which you can refresh your Pinterest Profile pic from Facebook Profile Photo.

To Refresh your Image on Pinterest, click on your name in top right corner of Pinterest screen and then go to settings. Scroll down and go to the section ‘Image’.

Here you have option either to upload a new image or to refresh your image from Facebook. Click ‘Refresh from Facebook‘ to update your Pinterest Image to sync with your FB Profile pic. You may have to refresh your image on Pinterest using this option, every time to change your FB profile pic.

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