WWDC: Apple Execs Announce Extraordinary Numbers

Posted by Mayank on June 11, 2012 in Apple

The app ecosystem surrounding Apple and its products has “become an economy in and of itself,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said Monday in his WWDC keynote speech. What followed was a series of stats to show how big that ecosystem has become. Have a look yourself:

• 400 million customer accounts on the iOS App Store.

• 650,000+ apps are available in the iOS App Store, out of which almost one-third, 225,000 of those are made specifically for the iPad.

• App downloads have topped 30 billion app downloads.

• Over $5 billion paid to developers (Apple keeps one-third and pays two-thirds to the developer).

• The App Store is available in 120 countries as of now and this number will grow to 155 by the next month.

• More than 365 million iOS devices—iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch—have been sold since the platform launched.

• More than 80% of customers are running iOS 5, the latest version of the operating software, on their device. (Interesting to note that only about 7% of Android customers are running the latest version of the Android OS.)

• Since Apple integrated Twitter in iOS 5 last year, 10 billion tweets have originated in iOS 5, and 47% of all photos shared on Twitter originate in iOS 5.

• There are more than 140 million users of iOS 5’s iMessage service, and they’ve generated some 150 billion messages—and are currently generating more than 1 billion messages a day.

• The year-old Notification Center has produced more than 1.5 trillion push notifications, at a rate of 7 billion notifications a day. Forstall said 84 of the App Store’s Top 100 social apps now integrate with the Notification Center.

• More than 130 million people use iOS’s Game Center, submitting more than 5 billion scores each week. Two-thirds of the top 100 game apps integrate with Game Center, Forstall said.

WWDC itself is sporting some impressive numbers, Cook said: Attendees came from more than 60 countries to attend the conference’s 112 sessions and 125 labs.

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