YouTube offers stabilization of shaky videos

Posted by Prashant on March 22, 2012 in Youtube

Post image for YouTube offers stabilization of shaky videos

YouTube now gives option to stabilize the shaky videos uploaded by the users. Next time if you go to a bike ride or go surfing with your digital camera mounted, don’t worry about the shaking of the video or the quality of the graphics. YouTube is here to help in the easiest way to make your videos looks great.

YouTube has now added a feature which gives you an option to improve the quality of your video when you upload any shaky video. The optional fixes will be shown as notification whenever you upload a new video (that requires stabilization) to YouTube. YouTube will then show the original version in which the video was recorded and the one fixed by YouTube.  You have an option to keep the original video or to go with the version fixed by Facebook.

In the past few years, YouTube has made many changes to theme and provided more options to make it more user friendly and to encourage users to upload more videos. Video Editor was also launched with the same intention of providing users with more control over the quality of their video. With addition of this new update, now YouTube takes care of shaky videos itself.

Mobile users also gets the option of choosing the fix when they upload the video from their cellphone.

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